COVID-19 is radically changing all aspects of modern life, and this includes the interview process. Interviews are not what they once were. Therefore, it is likely that your next interview will be conducted digitally through a video call. Preparation for this is just as important as a face-to-face interview. 

Remember failing to prepare, is simply preparing to fail! 

But how is it best to prepare for a job interview in the agribusiness sector? Here are some of Hunter Chase Consultants’ top tips for a successful video interview in the agribusiness sector.

1. The Three P’s for a Successful Video Interview 

A job interview is a great opportunity to promote and sell yourself but the process begins well before you enter the interview room. The three P’s for success are ‘You need to Prepare, you need to Practice and on the day you need to Perform’. 

1. Prepare: A Client wants to be certain of your interest in the role and a great way to show this is to familiarise yourself with the company’s history, values and latest news. Research into the job is essential for any interview and can easily be done on the internet-think about how your experience and skills suit the role requirements.

2. Practice: Prepare answers to common interview questions, even doing mock interviews with friends or family can help build up confidence before the interview. However, don’t be tempted to use lots of notes in a video interview- use these sparingly! Treat this the same as a face-to-face interview. If you are going to use notes, practice with these as they could interfere with the conversation and disrupt natural flow. 

3. Perform: It may sound easier than it is but try to relax. Let your personality and hard work shine during the interview!

2. Get Technical 

Prepare for your interview by emailing any documents over beforehand that you might need to reference. Remember to set up and test all your technology in advance- this includes the audio, interview software, internet connection and video quality. 

On the big day, log into the interview software at least fifteen minutes early… you don’t want to be late!

3.  Body Language 

You want your body language to convey your interest in the job. Positive body language is extremely important, even for a digital interview so make sure you treat this the same as a face-to-face interview! Remember to smile and nod to show you’re listening, keep good posture and retain eye contact with the interviewer. 

A top tip is to signal when answers are complete, something as simple as a nod or a visual cue makes the conclusion of your answers clear and strong.

4. Voice 

Be prepared for challenging questions. Answer these without waffling and if you don’t understand ask for clarification 

Don’t be tempted to solely focus on how you look. You need to remember that your pace, tone, pitch and clarity of vocals are all important too. Like a face-to-face interview, conversation should be natural-you want to be able to make a personal connection with those interviewing you!

5. Appearances 

Dress professionally as you will feel more put together and this will signal that you realise the importance of the conversion by dressing smart. Wear the same attire that you would to a face-to-face interview. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a full suit, you should dress based on the perceived company culture. 

Your surroundings say a lot about you, you want this area to be clean, neat and quiet! A top tip is to turn off any notifications so that you don’t get thrown off during the interview. 

6. Follow Up

Always follow up with a thank you email after any interview. Mention how much you enjoyed meeting everyone and how interested you are in the role- take this as an opportunity to briefly outline the key advantages that you bring to the role.

Be positive: the company will be thinking about what it is like to work with you, they like to see someone who is enthusiastic and enjoys a challenge.

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