Are you still using your old CV? It may be time to change that… in the current climate it is becoming increasingly important to have an up-to-date CV. Keeping your CV fresh means a lot more than just adding recent roles to your employment history each time you begin a new job search.

Remember, your CV is an advert for you… it needs to be perfect to get your dream job in agribusiness.

At Hunter Chase Consultants, we have years of recruitment experience and so have knowledge on what skills and experience employers in agribusiness are looking for. Our free CV clinic is committed to utilising this knowledge to help clients with the recruitment process and to fill their vacancies faster. Margaret, an experienced agricultural recruiter, would like to assist any candidates (either new graduates, or those further along the career path) to refresh and update their CVs. 

With our help and top tips, you will have your CV refreshed – and ready to wow – in no time!

Ensure your CV reflects your achievements, not just responsibilities 

You want to make it clear that you are the perfect match for the job by showing you fit the profile!

Each accomplishment on your CV shapes a narrative about yourself so when refreshing your CV think about what you want to communicate to the recruiters. The best way to do this is to list qualifications, and quantified achievements in your CV, as well as including relevant responsibilities of previous roles. Aim to highlight results that you have achieved and provide evidence of how you brought value to a company. To show the impact you have delivered, find instances where you made a real contribution and emphasise the transferable skills you have learnt from these positions.

If you use a cover letter, it should only be not too long, make sure this is kept relevant and enthusiastic. A cover letter is a chance to inject your personality into your application so avoid excessive formality whilst always making sure you remain professional. Here you can summarise and highlight what makes you unique and perfect for a particular job opportunity! 

Do your research! 

It is important that you signpost your relevant experience as much as possible. Highlight the keywords from the job description in your CV, and these can act as a checklist for your desired role. Don’t forget that your CV is most likely tailored to the last role you went for, so you will need to change this – you will have gained more experience since then so show this! 

Remember to add volunteering efforts and/or pastimes and interests which shed a positive light on transferable skills and personal qualities! 

Don’t forget that you need to be really selective about the key information you retain when you refresh your CV so cut the unnecessary details that aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Think about the presentation of your CV

Your CV needs to be easy to consume as one that looks like hard work makes a poor first impression. On average, your CV will only be read for 30 to 60 seconds at first glance so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Present a clear logical structure with an intuitive design to make a big impact. Add in lots of headings and keep it brief – a CV should only be two pages maximum!

A personal profile paragraph at the beginning of your CV will be helpful to the prospective employer, as it will briefly outline your skills and education in a nutshell but will also highlight your career passions and aspirations. The wording of this short paragraph is very important. 

Keep the tone of your CV light and use a light crisp writing style… avoid sterile business speak as this will help you stand out further from other candidates. 

Another top tip is to make sure that your CV is accessible – make sure this can easily be read on other devices such as a smartphone. To do this you need to be flexible with the style and layout when you refresh your CV. 

Provide a comprehensive list of your work history to date

Enhance your appeal to recruiters by providing a comprehensive list of your work history to date. List your education and work experience in reverse chronological order, highlighting all the relevant responsibilities, skills, projects and successes. Remember, employers want to read about your transferable skills and achievements so make these bullet points personal to you, not generic. 

Format this section by using bullet points, making sure each is clear and concise. To do this, provide more information on your most recent jobs – avoiding excessive detail that is not directly relevant to your application.

We can help you!

Remember your CV is an advert for you…  it needs to be perfect to get your dream job in agribusiness! 

Here at Hunter Chase Consultants, we would like to assist any candidates (either new graduates or those further along the career path) to refresh and update their CVs. For details about our free CV clinic contact Margaret Wilkinson at or call 07921454473. 

Searching for your perfect agribusiness position? Contact us at Hunter Chase Consultants, a specialist recruitment consultancy, for a confidential discussion about the next move in your career.