All individual Members of the REC, regardless of the level of Membership attained, are committed to operating according to the highest standards and all members have committed themselves to operating in accordance with this code.

All individual Members of the REC are expected to behave by the highest ethical standards and this code of ethics sets out the standards expected of them.

If there is a breach of the REC’s Code of Professional Practice (for Corporate Members of the REC) and an individual Member as part of that investigation is found to have also breached the REC’s Code of Ethics, then a separate investigation may take place.

Any breaches of this Code will be investigated under REC’s Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure and may be referred to our Professional Standards Committee. Sanctions include:

. Suspension of REC Membership during the investigation
. A compliance order
. Warning (with or without publicity)
. Expulsion from the REC


All individual Members of the REC must:

1. Seek to enhance the recruitment profession by upholding high standards in everything that they do. They should represent themselves fairly, honestly and courteously at all times, and should not engage in any activities which would bring the recruitment industry or the REC into disrepute.

2. Ensure that they continuously update their professional knowledge in relation to recruitment and commit to 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per year.

3. Seek to provide the best possible recruitment solution to the identified needs of the client at all times and do all that is reasonably practicable to achieve this.

4. Always comply with legislation and regulation as it affects the process of recruitment and must not assist or act in collusion with clients to knowingly circumvent the law or standards of ethical recruitment practice in any way.

5. Act at all times with integrity, honesty, due diligence and appropriate behaviour that can be reasonably expected of recruitment professionals.

6. Promote at all times fair recruitment practices that are in accordance with all anti-discrimination law that is in place in the United Kingdom (or wherever practicing) and REC best practice advice.

7. Respect confidentiality at all times in relation to clients or candidates.

8. Exercise due diligence and high standards of timeliness, accuracy of information and advice given to both clients and candidates.

9. Not undertake tasks which are outside their personal level of skills, competence and qualifications.

10. Report to REC any individual Member who has breached this Code of Ethics with appropriate evidence.

11. Report to the appropriate regulatory bodies any REC non-member who has breached any regulation or legislation applicable to the recruitment industry.

12. Use REC’s designatory letters at all times whilst an individual Member of REC.

13. Not use REC’s designatory letters inappropriately.

14. Not use individual membership of the REC as an alternative to Corporate Membership when Corporate Membership is more appropriate.